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Emerald of Katong: Your Ultimate Guide to Upscale Living in Singapore’s Vibrant Heart

Samuel HuangApr 2, 202412 min read

Emerald of Katong stands as a prestigious residential option in the heart of Katong, Singapore. With luxurious amenities, proximity to transit, and a fusion of heritage charm and contemporary living, this article explores the draw of Emerald of Katong for…

What to do after you buy a condo feature image

What To Do After Buying a Condo

Samuel HuangJun 29, 202113 min read

Confused about what to do next after buying a house? You have looked at properties, made an offer, pulled together funds for a down payment, obtained financing, gone to a closing deal- and the home is yours.Congratulations! Two in three…

What to Look Out for at a Showflat Feature Image

What to Look Out for When Visiting a Showflat

Samuel HuangMay 13, 202111 min read

Like shopping for a new car, a customary pre-purchase practice that many potential homeowners go through is visiting a condo showroom. Yet, just making the trip down to one condo showflat Singapore and viewing it infrequently yields all the information…

Best Neighborhoods in Singapore Feature Image

Districts to Live in Singapore

Samuel HuangMay 11, 202111 min read

Living in Singapore comes with its own pros and cons. Choosing where to live can make a big difference as each area has its own characteristics. Singapore is considered a city-state, meaning it doesn’t have its own cities but instead…

Renting Property in Singapore Feature Image

Renting Out Property in Singapore

Samuel HuangMay 9, 202112 min read

Most Singaporeans believe that renting out their private property or HDB flat can help them make some passive income that is both sustainable and substantial. Well, sure, being a landlord IS an easy way to yield a passive income-that is…

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