Our Thoughts On Lake Garden Residence: Your Buyer’s Guide

Imagine waking up to the gentle sound of water and the refreshing scent of lush greenery, right in the heart of Singapore. Lake Garden Residence offers an idyllic lakeside living experience, blending luxury, serenity, and sustainability. Discover a world where beauty, convenience, and tranquility coexist, creating the perfect urban oasis.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover Serenity and Luxury at Lake Garden Residence: An Idyllic Lakeside Living Experience offering unparalleled views, green spaces, sustainable living features and world-class facilities.
  • Enjoy modern spacious units with access to quality educational institutions, healthcare facilities and a variety of shopping & dining options nearby.
  • Strategic location offers easy connectivity to major roads/expressways & the Jurong Region Line for enhanced business opportunities in the future.

Lake Garden Residence: A Tranquil Oasis in Jurong

Lake Garden Residence, a luxurious residential development by Wing Tai Holdings, is comfortably situated in Jurong’s vibrant neighborhood, offering an exceptional residences condo experience interweaving serenity and convenience. This exclusive development, encircled by prestigious schools like Rulang Primary School and Yuan Ching Secondary School, is conveniently within a short stroll to Lakeside MRT Station.

Advantageously located near Taman Jurong Shopping Centre and Chinese Garden MRT station, Lake Garden Residence provides effortless access to a variety of amenities and recreational areas. This prime location, coupled with the development’s commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly living, makes Lake Garden Residence the perfect oasis for those seeking a serene and luxurious living experience.

Unparalleled Views and Green Spaces

Jurong Lake GardenVisualize starting your day with awe-inspiring, unrestricted views of Jurong Lake and the scenic Chinese and Japanese Gardens. At Lake Garden Residence, this dream becomes a reality, with each unit designed to maximize these stunning waterfront and greenery views. Residents can also enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding green spaces, with Jurong Lake Gardens located just adjacent to the development.

Jurong Lake Gardens is Singapore’s first national gardens in the heartlands, offering a delightful array of lifestyle and sports facilities, as well as nature-themed water play areas. Its lush and verdant grounds invite residents to explore and connect with nature. From the Grasslands to Lakeside Garden, and the expansive Forest Ramble, Lake Garden Residence residents are immersed in a serene and peaceful environment that rejuvenates the senses.

Sustainable Living at Its Finest

Promoting sustainable living, Lake Garden Residence incorporates eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems into its design, a fact the development takes great pride in. The development is certified by the Building and Construction Authority Green Mark Platinum (Super Low Energy), ensuring a decreased environmental footprint, improved indoor environmental quality, and sustainable use of materials and resources.

Innovative water-sensitive urban designs and sustainable engineering technologies have been implemented for energy-efficient cooling at Lake Garden Residence. Moreover, eco-friendly materials such as recycled car tires and natural materials are utilized in the construction of the development, along with sustainable design features to ensure lower energy consumption. This commitment to sustainable living sets Lake Garden Residence apart, offering residents a luxurious and environmentally conscious living experience.

Exceptional Unit Mix and World-Class Facilities


With a diverse unit mix, the former lakeside apartments now known as Lake Garden Residences offer everything from 1 to 5-bedroom apartments and duplex penthouses, each furnished with modern amenities and premium appliances. Each unit is thoughtfully designed to provide spacious and comfortable living spaces, with high-quality finishes and fixtures.

The duplex penthouses at Lake Garden Residence feature unblocked views of Jurong Lake Gardens and access to the 28 lifestyle facilities available in the development. With a total of 306 parking lots, including 4 EV charging lots, 4 handicap lots, and 52 bicycle lots, Lake Garden Residence ensures a seamless living experience for every resident.

Modern and Spacious Living Spaces

Residents can enjoy spacious and comfortable living spaces, with unit sizes ranging from:

  • 1-bedroom units: 484 square feet
  • 2-bedroom units: 700 square feet
  • 3-bedroom units: 950 square feet
  • 4-bedroom units: 1,270 square feet

Each unit is meticulously designed with functional layouts to maximize space utilization and create a cozy yet functional living environment.

High-quality finishes and fixtures, including designer fixtures and fittings, premium materials, and chic appliances, are incorporated in the units to elevate the luxurious living experience. Furthermore, the residential blocks are strategically angled to maximize views of the surrounding landscape, providing a feeling of spaciousness and connection to nature.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

At Lake Garden Residence, residents can enjoy a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities, including a 50-meter competition pool, a training pool, and a wading pool for children. The swimming pool is staffed by certified and experienced instructors, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for residents.

The development also boasts a full-fledged tennis court and a state-of-the-art gym. The gym has been designed with various considerations, such as the integration of the amenities at Jurong Lake Gardens, the provision of a range of lifestyle facilities, and the fostering of a community atmosphere. With these top-notch facilities, residents can stay active and healthy while enjoying the serene surroundings of Lake Garden Residence.

Location: 80, Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 619613; 82, Yuan Ching Road, Singapore 619614

District: District 22 – Jurong / Boon Lay

Description of Property: The development comprises 2 blocks of 19-storey flats (total: 306 units), and a clubhouse complete with swimming pool & communal facilities at 1st storey, substation, bin centre, and 2 storey of basement carpark on lot 01164V-MK06 at Yuan Ching Road.

No. Of Units: 306 residential units

Carpark Lots: 306 (1:1) (inclusive of 4 EV & 4 handicapped lots)

Tenure of Land: 99 years leasehold

Expected TOP (Temporary Occupation Permit): 29 August 2027

Expected CSC (Certificate of Statutory Completion): 29 August 2030

Land Size: Approx. 129,182 sqft

Developer: Winville Investment Pte Ltd (subsidiary of Wing Tai Asia)

Architect: Surbana Jurong Group

Landscape Consultant: STX Landscape Architect

M&E Engineer: Rankine & Hill (S) Pte Ltd

C&S Engineer: KCL Consultants Pte Ltd


Strategic Location and Seamless Connectivity

Situated near Lakeside and Chinese Garden MRT stations, Lake Garden Residence provides uninterrupted connectivity to the entirety of Singapore. Its prime location in Jurong ensures convenient access to major roads and expressways, such as Yuan Ching Road, which connects residents to the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE), and Jurong Town Hall Road.

Living in Lake Garden Residence, residents can enjoy:

  • Easy access to various amenities and recreational spaces
  • A well-established transportation network
  • A 40-minute travel time from Lake Garden Residence to the city center and Central Business District (CBD), allowing for effortless commuting to work and exploring the rest of the island.

Proximity to MRT Stations

Multiple MRT stations, including:

  • Lakeside
  • Chinese Garden
  • Boon Lay
  • Pioneer
  • Jurong East
  • Joo Koon

are within a short stroll from the development, simplifying daily commutes. Lake Garden Residence is situated just a 15-minute walk from Lakeside MRT Station and a brief walk from Chinese Garden MRT Station.

With the East West Line accessible from Boon Lay MRT Station, residents can easily travel to various parts of Singapore, enjoying a seamless and convenient transportation experience. The close proximity to multiple MRT stations makes Lake Garden Residence an attractive investment opportunity for both families and professionals.

Accessibility to Major Roads and Expressways

Lake Garden Residence is well-connected to major roads and expressways, ensuring convenient travel to other parts of the island. The Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) are easily accessible from the development, providing smooth and hassle-free journeys for residents.

The development is approximately 2 kilometers away from the nearest expressway exit, further enhancing its connectivity. With easy access to major roads and expressways, Lake Garden Residence residents can enjoy a seamless and efficient driving experience throughout Singapore.

Education and Healthcare Institutions Nearby

LakeSide Primary SchoolEncircled by reputable schools and healthcare facilities, Lake Garden Residence caters to the diverse needs of both families and individuals. Prestigious schools such as Lakeside Primary School, Yuan Ching Secondary School, and Jurong Secondary School are all situated within 1km of the development. The Canadian International School is also located in close proximity to Lake Garden Residence, providing a world-class education for those seeking an international curriculum.

In addition to the excellent educational institutions, residents can access quality healthcare facilities, including medical centers and hospitals, within a short drive. Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital are conveniently located in the vicinity of the shopping malls, ensuring easy access to medical care for Lake Garden Residence residents.

Top Schools in the Vicinity

Families residing in Lake Garden Residence will appreciate the top schools located within close proximity to the development. Lakeside Primary School, Yuan Ching Secondary School, and Jurong Secondary School are all situated within 1km of Lake Garden Residence, providing quality education for children.

These reputable schools offer a wide range of programs and specializations, ensuring a well-rounded education for students. The close proximity to these top schools makes Lake Garden Residence an ideal choice for families seeking a convenient and luxurious living experience.

Access to Quality Healthcare Facilities

Lake Garden Residence residents can enjoy easy access to quality healthcare facilities, with medical centers such as AcuMed Medical Clinic, Family Point Clinic & Surgery, and Silver Cross Medical located nearby. AcuMed Medical Clinic, for example, offers a variety of medical services for individuals and families.

The development is also within a short drive to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital and Jurong Community Hospital, ensuring that residents have access to well-equipped healthcare facilities when needed. With quality healthcare facilities in the vicinity, Lake Garden Residence provides a comfortable and convenient living environment for families and individuals alike.

Shopping, Dining, and Entertainment Options Abound

JCube MallProviding a wealth of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, Lake Garden Residence ensures a dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents. With several well-established shopping malls located within a 9-minute drive, including:

  • JEM
  • Westgate
  • IMM
  • JCube

Residents can indulge in retail therapy and explore a wide array of dining options.

Popular dining spots near the residence include Yunnan View Restaurant, Feng Zhen Lor Mee, and Fusion Spoon located within Jurong Lake Gardens. The nearby restaurants offer a variety of cuisines, including Yunnan, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian.

As for entertainment venues, some of the most favored ones near Lake Garden Residence include:

  • Mempat Hall
  • Banyan Hall
  • Neram Room
  • Play Pavilion
  • Lakeside Field
  • Wave Plaza

With so many shopping, dining, and entertainment options available, residents of Lake Garden Residence can enjoy a vibrant and dynamic lifestyle.

Retail Therapy at Nearby Malls

Nearby shopping centers like Jem Shopping Mall and Jurong Point Mall offer a broad spectrum of retail options for residents. Jem Shopping Mall houses IKEA Jurong, Fairprice Xtra, Cathay Cineplexes, Don Don Donki, H&M, Kopitiam Food Hall, and UNIQLO as its major retail stores. On the other hand, Jurong Point Mall has anchor tenants such as Cathay, Robinsons, Marks & Spencer, and Fairprice Xtra, along with several other major brands.

Lake Garden Residence is situated approximately 4 minutes away by car from Jem Shopping Mall and 9 minutes away by car from Jurong Point Mall, offering residents a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience. With these malls in close proximity, residents can indulge in retail therapy and explore a wide array of dining options.

Delectable Dining Experiences

Taman Jurong Food CenterAn array of eateries and restaurants, like Taman Jurong Food Centre and Lakeside Eatery, are conveniently located within a short distance from the development. Taman Jurong Food Centre is located within a 12-minute walking distance from the site, offering a wide selection of local food stalls on two levels, as well as a wet market on the first floor to provide fresh produce for residents who prefer to do their grocery shopping in the morning.

Popular dishes at Taman Jurong Food Centre near Lake Garden Residence include:

  • Tai Seng Fish Soup
  • ButterNut treats
  • Yong Kee Claypot Bak Kut Teh
  • Leng Huat Fishball Noodle and Laksa
  • Tien Lai Rice Stall
  • Wai Kee Wanton Mee
  • Takagi Ramen
  • He Jia Huan Ban Mian Mee Hoon Kway
  • Lian Yi BBQ Seafood
  • Wen Guang
  • Kim Lotus
  • Steamed Chicken Rice
  • Char Siew and Roasted Pork Rice
  • Yang Jia Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee’s Fried Hokkien Noodles.

Fun Recreational Activities

Recreational activities abound for residents, including ice skating at Snow City, birdwatching at Jurong Bird Park, and taking in the stunning beauty of Jurong Lake Gardens. At Snow City, in addition to ice skating, visitors can enjoy the Winter Shooting Arena, Drift on Ice, Arctic Snow Playground, and the Snow Field.

Jurong Bird Park, open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, is home to a wide array of bird species, including:

  • Asian fairy-bluebird
  • Chinese hwamei
  • Barred-cuckoo dove
  • American flamingo
  • Bali myna
  • Black-faced spoonbill
  • Black-winged myna
  • Blue-crowned laughingthrush
  • Blue-winged macaw
  • Chestnut-fronted macaw

With these fun recreational activities nearby, Lake Garden Residence ensures a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents.

The Future of Jurong Lake District: URA Masterplan

The Jurong Lake District’s URA Masterplan promises a prosperous future for the area, with the advent of new business and employment opportunities, as well as improved connectivity. The masterplan envisions the upcoming second Central Business District of Singapore, designed to create a regional commercial hub and a one-stop destination for tourists.

Key elements of the URA Masterplan for Jurong Lake District include:

  • Convenient and attractive living and working spaces
  • Extensive greenery and charming waterways
  • Integration with Lakeside through pedestrian walkways
  • Sustainable and forward-thinking urban design
  • Ambitious plans for sustainable living

The future of Jurong Lake District is indeed promising, making Lake Garden Residence an even more attractive investment opportunity.

Business and Employment Opportunities

The forthcoming Jurong Lake District is set to provide an assortment of:

  • hotels
  • attractions
  • eateries
  • entertainment options

This development is projected to generate 95,000 jobs in the West.

The Jurong Innovation District is projected to generate a vibrant ecosystem for businesses, with the establishment of three new employment areas and the potential for 100,000 new jobs.

The wide range of industries anticipated to comprise the 95,000 jobs in the Jurong Lake District includes:

  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Research and development
  • Business services

The creation of these jobs is expected to draw talent, aid the growth of nearby businesses, and contribute to the overall growth of the district.

Enhanced Connectivity with Jurong Region Line

The upcoming Jurong Region Line will boost connectivity for Lake Garden Residence residents, increasing the development’s attractiveness as an investment opportunity. With an expected completion date of 2029, the Jurong Region Line will improve connectivity in the Jurong area, providing direct connections to the CBD and Changi Airport.

The Jurong Region Line will comprise 24 stations, including:

  • Choa Chu Kang
  • Jurong East
  • Boon Lay
  • Tengah

The Lakeside MRT station on the East-West Line, which is within walking distance of Lake Garden Residence, will provide convenient access to the Jurong Region Line.

The enhanced connectivity offered by the upcoming Jurong Region Line makes Lake Garden Residence an even more appealing choice for both families and professionals.


Lake Garden Residence offers a luxurious and sustainable lakeside living experience in the heart of Singapore. With its strategic location, exceptional unit mix, world-class facilities, and seamless connectivity, Lake Garden Residence provides the perfect urban oasis for families and professionals alike. Surrounded by top schools, healthcare facilities, and a plethora of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, residents can enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. As the future of Jurong Lake District unfolds with the URA Masterplan, Lake Garden Residence promises to be an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking a serene and luxurious living experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Lakegarden land cost?

The land rate for Lakegarden works out to $1,077 per sq ft per plot ratio including a lease top-up premium and development charge. The site has 45 years remaining on its tenure.

Who is the developer of Lakegarden residences?

The Lakegarden Residences is developed by Wing Tai Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of one of Singapore’s largest and most respected developers with over 3 decades of experience in the real estate industry.

What types of units are available at Lake Garden Residence?

Lake Garden Residence offers a variety of units, including 1-5 bedroom + study units and duplex penthouses.

How close is Lake Garden Residence to MRT stations?

Lake Garden Residence is located within walking distance to several MRT stations, including Lakeside, Chinese Garden, Boon Lay, Pioneer, Jurong East, and Joo Koon.

What eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient systems are incorporated in Lake Garden Residence?

Lake Garden Residence is designed with sustainability in mind, featuring eco-friendly materials such as recycled car tires and natural materials, as well as energy-efficient cooling systems.

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