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A Guide To Lease Buyback Scheme In Singapore

Samuel HuangJul 19, 20249 min read

Planning for one’s golden years allows families and individuals to effectively cope with anything that life throws at them with full confidence. The good news is that the retirement plans for Singapore senior citizens have greatly improved over the last…

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Which Is Better? Executive Condo vs Condo

Samuel HuangJul 19, 202410 min read

Both executive condominiums (ECs) and private condos are becoming more and more popular in today’s real estate market. With similar offers of luxurious living close to the city, there seems to be little to no difference between both. From convenient…

How To Calculate Stamp Duty Singapore - Feature Image

All You Need To Know About Rental Stamp Duty In Singapore

Samuel HuangJul 18, 20249 min read

Whether you are a foreigner looking to rent a place to call home in Singapore for the next 12 months, or local planning to rent a somewhere to stay while your home is being constructed, you’re considered a tenant. As…

Seller Stamp Duty Singapore - Feature Image

What You Need To Know About Seller Stamp Duty In Singapore

Samuel HuangJul 18, 202410 min read

There is one cost that property sellers and transferors forget when making a sale – the effect of seller stamp duty on sale proceeds. Keep in mind that taxes can sum up to thousands, and these costs should play a…

Singapore Map With District - Feature Image

A Guide On Singapore Districts

Samuel HuangJul 18, 202410 min read

The terms CCR, RCR, and OCR can be confusing, especially when trying to understand district numbers and how the divisions of Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority work. In fact, property websites, newspaper articles, and property reports will often use these terms,…

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