What To Do After Buying a Condo

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Confused about what to do next after buying a house? You have looked at properties, made an offer, pulled together funds for a down payment, obtained financing, gone to a closing deal- and the home is yours. Congratulations! Two in three homeowners found that the process of buying a house is a stressful experience, according … Read more

What to Look Out for When Visiting a Showflat

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Like shopping for a new car, a customary pre-purchase practice that many potential homeowners go through is visiting a condo showroom. Yet, just making the trip down to one condo showflat Singapore and viewing it infrequently yields all the information needed for making the right buying decision. The reason behind this is simple: showflats cannot … Read more

Districts to Live in Singapore

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Living in Singapore comes with its own pros and cons. Choosing where to live can make a big difference as each area has its own characteristics. Singapore is considered a city-state, meaning it doesn’t have its own cities but instead divided into five main regions: Central Region, North Region, East Region, West Region, North-East Region.  … Read more

Renting Out Property in Singapore

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Most Singaporeans believe that renting out their private property or HDB flat can help them make some passive income that is both sustainable and substantial. Well, sure, being a landlord IS an easy way to yield a passive income-that is if you’re aware of the rules and regulations to follow. However, the rental market in … Read more

What Types of Properties Can You Own in Singapore?

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Singapore indeed has insufficient dwelling parcels and limited physical land. Yet someway and somehow, it managed to house 5.7 million people in the tiny red dot.  From the mass targeted executive condominiums to sought after landed housing, there is a diverse selection of real estate properties in Singapore. With the different types of housing in … Read more

How Much Does Renovating a Condo Cost?

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The only thing that is more frustrating than the actual home renovating process is the last-minute surprises with regard to renovation cost in Singapore. So it is only fair that you know all the facts before you begin renovating. Essentially, there is no one answer to the question of what would be the average or … Read more

Can Private Property Owner Buy HDB?

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Housing & Development Board (HDB) flats are subsidised public housing which is deliberately regulated in order to keep them accessible and affordable to the masses. In fact, according to the Housing Board, more than 80% of the population in Singapore are housed in more than 1 million flats extended across 3 estates and 24 towns. … Read more

How Can a Foreigner Buy a Condo in Singapore?

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Known for its political stability, transparency, good governance, ease and efficiency of doing business, Singapore is a popular country for foreign investments. Hence, foreigners do wonder how can they buy property in Singapore. The short answer is yes, foreigners can buy property in Singapore. But if you’re wanting to buy a house, that might be … Read more

Is It Better to Rent or Buy a Condo?

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For first-time home-buyers, buying a condo can be a great move. Prices are typically lower than standalone homes, and condos can be more convenient with regard to maintenance and location. However, when it comes to buying a condo vs. renting an apartment, how do you make the right choice? There are pros and cons to … Read more

Tips for Buying a Condo in Singapore

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If anything is gaining traction in the Singapore property market this year, it’s condos. Besides having a city-state that boasts an array of distinctive neighbourhoods, bank interest rates plunged by more than half, and home interest rates are at an all-time low. But condominiums, like most sleek, attractive things, also come with a hefty price … Read more

Guide to Renting a Condo in Singapore

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In most areas of the world, renting is easy. You sign a form, put down some money, and take a key. But not here. In Singapore, the rental contract is often filled with legalese, is costly, and if not careful, may be the cause of many nightmares. With many finding it unaffordable (or unwise) to … Read more

20 Places to Visit in Singapore for Free

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Home to amazing alfresco restaurants, fabulous brunch spots, and swanky rooftop bars, Singapore has a reputation as one of the most expensive cities in Southeast Asia. In general, the Southeast Asia region is quite cheap compared to other regions, like North Asia (where Korea and Japan are located at). Mostly, budget travellers are attracted to … Read more

Best Shopping Malls in Singapore

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Singapore has gained stature as one of the best shopping destinations in the world. Vast Singapore shopping malls with small vintage boutique shops, designer clothes, luxury fashion goods, colourful markets brimming with local souvenirs and bargains make up the Singapore shopping mall landscape. All of these feature in our rundown list of the best shopping … Read more

Our Thoughts On Sengkang Grand Residences: Your Buyer’s Guide

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Situated at the junction of Sengkang Central and Compassvale Bow in District 19 of Singapore – right next to Buangkok MRT station and Palm View Primary School, a new integrated development with a project name, Sengkang Grand Residences, is a property to keep a lookout for.  The Sengkang Grand Residences developer, CapitaLand and City Developments … Read more

Our Thoughts On One Holland Village Residences: Your Buyer’s Guide

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Situated right in the heart of Holland Village, a brand new mixed-use development with a project name One Holland Village by Far East Organization is poised to revitalize the area of District 10, Singapore. Right from the get-go, Far East Organization and its joint venture partners Sino Group and Sekisui House had emerged as the … Read more

Our Thoughts On Forett @ Bukit Timah: Your Buyer’s Guide

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Strategically embedded in the upmarket Upper Bukit Timah Estate, Forett At Bukit Timah (former Goodluck Garden) is a new launch freehold condo along Toh Tuck Road of District 21, West Section of Singapore is a property to be sought after. The Forett@Bukit Timah condo is swiftly gaining attention as one of Bukit Timah condo list … Read more

Our Thoughts On Daintree Residences: Your Buyer’s Guide

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Situated on the crossroads of Upper Bukit Timah along Toh Tuck Road, Singapore, Daintree Residence is a new launch condo development which is highly sought after as it lies in the heart of the Beauty World Region. This brand new resort-style condominium meekly preserves its natural surroundings with lush greenery, yet at the same time, … Read more

Our Thoughts On Marina One Residences: Your Buyer’s Guide

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Situated in the highly anticipated Marina Bay area of District 1, Singapore, Marina One Residences is part of a 3.67 million square feet integrated development. It features an exclusive retail space, Grade A office and a 65,000 sq. ft., ‘Green Heart’, a biodiverse hub of lush greenery that is the hallmark of the Marina One … Read more