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Option To Purchase Sale - Feature Image

Understanding The “Option To Purchase” Agreement Before Exercising It

Samuel Huang23 Jul 2024

Although buying a home in Singapore is an exciting experience, homebuyers should ensure they pay special attention to the most important aspects of it: conveyancing process, stamp duties, property taxes, and maintenance costs for condominiums. Whether you’re in a hot…

deferred payment schemes advantages - feature image

All You Need To Know About Deferred Payment Scheme

Samuel Huang22 Jul 2024

People across Singapore and the entire world are worried about how to take care of their loved ones, put food on the table and repay their debts as they try to cope with the ‘new normal’. Since many people have…

issuance for TOP HDB or other real estate buildings - feature image

A Guide To Temporary Occupation Permit

Samuel Huang21 Jul 2024

Buying a new property in Singapore is a very exciting experience, especially when you’re counting down the days to your big move. When that’s said, all new developments, whether a condo, apartment, or an HDB flat, require approval such as…

home maintenance fee condo buy condo Singapore - feature image

Your Guide To Condo Maintenance Fee In Singapore

Samuel Huang21 Jul 2024

Whether you’re considering buying a condominium as your principal residence or an investment, you will be required to pay more than just the home loan and daily expenses. Another cost for people owning condos in Singapore is the condo maintenance…

Investing in housing property feature image

A Guide To Property Investment In Singapore

Samuel Huang21 Jul 2024

A fact about property prices in Singapore [1] is that they were the second-highest in the world in 2019, with Hong Kong topping the list of expensive cities. It means you can make a load of cash from investing in…

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